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The proposed solution uses sensor Active Track or durable smartphone with install application ( user / guard mode), which send information about the number of control points, pressed buttons, statuses and sensors with GPS module with GPS position in the web portal PATROLCONTROL. The portal is intended for immediate processing and evaluation of information received by preset filters and subsequent response to the findings.

Client – customer looks into the portal using a web browser and has an overview over all states of the device and downloaded data

Person conducting control rounds (guard) can identify himself at designated checkpoints according to preset schedule or randomly. Portal PATROLCONTROL carries out real-time checks whether the round was started and completed according to the set time limits and if identification was made at times defined for individual checkpoints. All alarms (PANIC button press, the requirement to call back, lost communication with the sensor, removal of battery cover, reading at alarm point) are simultaneously being monitored by control panel dispatcher or single manager can immediately respond.

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