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VOLTAGE STABILIZERS IN KAMPALA UGANDA 440V/460V/480V 10K~200KVA CommShield™ Series Three Phase Voltage Stabilizers, utilize our latest innovation in reliable and efficient power management. Built on groundbreaking technology and backed by our patented advancements, this series revolutionizes the field of voltage stabilization. contact +25675699756 www.atlasdetections.com, atlas security system Kampala uganda.




 VOLTAGE STABILIZERS IN KAMPALA UGANDA  The 440V/460V/480V CommShield™ series Three Phase Voltage Stabilizers combines the power of our patented design with advanced voltage regulation technology, ensuring a stable and consistent power supply for a wide range of commercial applications. By actively monitoring input voltage levels and leveraging our unique transformer design, our voltage stabilizers deliver precise and reliable power output, safeguarding your critical equipment from voltage fluctuations. VOLTAGE STABILIZERS IN KAMPALA UGANDA

We apply for various specific applications and provide integrated power solution: electric environmental consideration, load arrangements’ optimization, power capacity matching advices, customization design, highly effective manufacturing, on time technical support & etc. We’re providing absolute NEO Solution For Your POWER™.

We are able to meet most requirements of customers by our strong developing ability.
When custom built solutions are required, we can design & make it accordingly based on certain accepted quantity

EX6K-EX10KL high frequency online UPS

EX6K-EX10KL high frequency online UPS, is a powerful product range with high adaptability and flexibility. Its cut-edge digital control technology of DSP (Digital Signal Processor), can greatly improve the product performance and system reliability, and deliver a compact integration with higher power density.

SC MKS II Series 5kW 48V parallel kit

Product features

  • • Sinewave high efficiency Inverter charger
  • • Output power factor 1
  • • Maximum PV input power 6000W
  • • The load could be powered from Solar Power and AC grid even the battery is not available.
  • • Built-in advanced DSP-controlled MPPT solar charge controller
  • • Battery independent design
  • • Battery equalization function to optimize battery performance and extend lifecycle



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