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AIRPORT SECURITY METAL DETECTOR KAMPALA the low cost Garrett Multi Zone walkthrough metal detector provides enhanced performance and with over 15 preconfigured selectable programs engineered to meet the varying security requirements of schools, stadiums, government buildings, mass transit, nightclubs, prisons, airports, entertainment venues, loss prevention, and special events, etc, its an absolute doddle to use

AIRPORT SECURITY METAL DETECTOR KAMPALA This budget-friendly detector includes an easy to use LED display control panel and HiVis zone light arrays (Green and Red to indicate pass or item detected), that are clearly visible in even the brightest sunlight.

The Multi Zone`s industry leading performance is enhhttps://atlasdetections.com/walk-through-metal-detectors/anced by an Auto Setup function, 20 detection zones, and tamper proof circuitry.

Operator adjustments are simple, thanks to the units intuitive menu design and simple slider bar feature.

Using the same high performance, state of the art detection technology as its big brother (MD G6500i), the Multi Zone features a single sensor panel, which allows multiple units to be installed side by side, with as little as a 2 inch (50mm) gap between one unit and the next, without causing any inter-unit electrical or performance interference.

In operation, any person passing through the unit will be scanned instantly and efficiently for the presence of any objects that the unit has been set up to identify. Bright red LED lights on the vertical leg will illuminate to show the precise location on the person of the item(s) detected. Multiple item detections will show simultaneously.

To facilitate the precise location of detected items, the arch features 20 high sensitivity detection zones, while the LED indicators are bright enough to ensure that they can be seen even in bright sunny conditions.

Other useful features include a directional counter, which can be set to count patrons; forward only, reverse only, subtract in reverse, or bidirectional. (subtract in reverse is a great aid for counting persons into and exiting a venue – offering an indication that there may still be people in the venue).

For maximum security, three levels of access control prevent unauthorised tampering with the settings, while up to 200 distinct sensitivity settings used within the choice of standard application settings ensure maximum performance.GARRETT METAL DETECTOR KAMPALA UGANDAGARRETT METAL DETECTOR KAMPALA GARRETT METAL DETECTOR KAMPALA UGANDA

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