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ZKTeco smart parking system Bujumbura Burundi


ZK Smart Parking Solution




ZKTECO Smart Parking System In Bujumbura Burundi

ZKTeco smart parking system In Bujumbura Burundi provides a total solution for both small parking lots and a busy multi-storey carpark . By providing drivers a precise parking guidance with indicating lights and parking guidance cameras, drivers can effortlessly to search their car locations with vehicle search kiosk, and quickly go to the available parking bays at the carpark entrance area. contact our support staff  +256414692911 +256752699756


ZK Smart Parking Solution

ZK Smart Parking Solution


A.Parking guidance camera

Model number:

-LPRC300-A (Camera could view 3 parking lots at the same time)

-LPRC300-B (Camera could view 6 parking lots at the same time)

Parking guidance camera are embedded with license plate recognition system, which means every single camera could acknowledge and recognize the status of the parking lots. For vehicles which do not have a license plate or are using special license plates, the cameras also able to identify occupied parking bays.

 Smart Parking guidance cameras can display totally 7 different color lighting status, including red, green, blue, purple, white, yellow and chartreuse, those color can be defined for various status, for example, VIP vehicle are able to park into the purple color lighting Parking guidance camera.


B.Parking guidance camera controller

Model number: VCI

Parking guidance camera controller is the main unit of the system, which consists of power supply and network connection for camera loops connected by TCP/IR which are able to connect with maximum 16 parking guidance cameras at the same time.


C.Indoor parking guidance display

Model number: DSI

Indoor parking guidance displays are connected to the parking guidance camera, they are normally installed at eye level or critical area within the car park. It can direct communicate to any camera and display the signal and shows which way to go to the right parking lots.


D.Outdoor parking lot vacancy display

Model number: DS

Outdoor parking lot vacancy displays are installed in the entrance area in the car park, which is an available parking space detection device to detect parking availability in real environments.


E.Vehicle search kiosk

Model: VEM

Vehicle search kiosk displays parking space info by simply entering the vehicle’s plate number, vehicles can be easily shown on the 2D floor map as well as the shortest path and navigation.


Enhance driver a special parking experience

Parking guidance camera are installed at the ceiling of the parking lots, and every single camera can detect the availability of parking lots by various indicator color that assists the carpark admin to improve their customers parking experience.


Various color indication of parking guidance camera


ZK Smart Parking Solution


Various color indication of parking guidance camera


ZK Smart Parking Solution


Vehicle detection by parking guidance camera

LPRC300-A detects and monitors one to three bays while the LPRC300B camera has a dual-lens camera, which are able to detect and monitor six car park lots at the same time.

ZK Smart Parking Solution


Highly Integrated Guidance Terminal

The installation of the ZKTeco  smart parking in Uganda  does not require any tool or screw to connect between each camera. Due to its unique design and it supports PoE (Power over Ethernet), making the connection process between camera simple, by just simply plugging in cable and that it will allow a single cable to provide both data connection and electric power to camera.

ZK Smart Parking Solution

ZK Smart Parking Solution


Real-time parking space counting accuracy


ZK Smart Parking Solution

Clear LED Guidance for Parking

Indoor parking guidance display is fit for the indoor car park area, with its clear LED indicator, guidance and valuable information display on board, driver can follow the signs and effortlessly know where to go for the available lots once they enter into the parking lot.

ZK Smart Parking Solution




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