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PARKING MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS IN BUJUMBURA BURUNDI ANPR ALPR LPR Ticket Dispenser License Plate Recognition Parking System Solutions For Business Parking Fee Parking Lot


What is LPR?

PARKING MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS IN BUJUMBURA BURUNDI  License plate recognition technology (Abbreviated as LPR) is an application of computer video image recognition technology in vehicle number plate identification field. License plate recognition technology processes license plate through license plate extraction, image preprocessing, regional location and tilt correction, binarization, character segmentation feature extraction and database matching techniques, and finally output license plate number, color and other information. The whole process is based on the license plate recognition algorithm


LPR parking system

Application most for residential area monthly user , shopping mall VIP / members


Solution 1: Monthly user registered license plate number via management software first , free in and out .temporary vehicle , use manuel remote control or button.
Solution 2: let all vehicle free in , monthy user free out, temporary vehicle pay at service center or via auto payment machine then let it out.
flexible function can be edit via our management software latest parking solution manuel free , and easy operation .


Parking management system is the modern and intelligent system for vehicle parking management. It is widely used in residencies,offices, shopping malls, hospitals and other public places for traffic control, management and revenue generation.It can greatly improve the efficiency of parking management, strengthen vehicle security, reduce manpower and cost, and avoid fraud, also gaining profit and revenue for parking manager.

Why we need LPR?

With the increasing number of motor vehicle, how to make the vehicle management safer and more convenient has become a problem. ln order to solve this problem, license plate recognition appeared and quickly became a tendency in the industry. Nowadays, most of cities adapt license plate recognition in vehicle management. While, in foreign countries, they still use the traditional vehicle management, such as manual release, ticket box, etc.Compared with manual release and ticket box mode, the LPR vehicle management has many advantages. This mode gets rid of guards and ticket box, which improves the efficiency, reduces labor costs and solves the traffic jam problem.





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