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SMITH DETECTION BAGGAGE SCANNER IN TANZANIA has HI-SCAN 6040C is designed to screen bags, parcels and other objects for prohibited and dangerous items at building entrances.


smith detection baggage scanner in Tanzania Generating highly detailed, easily interpreted X-ray images, with a background-contrast function that improves the recognition ability of objects on the screen.

Intelligent image-display functions support the operator in the rapid and reliable distinction of organic and inorganic threats.

It can also provide real-time diagnostics on its operating status, ensuring easy handling and troubleshooting.

Featured Highlights

• Designed for use at building entrances
• High reliability
• Best-in-class image quality
• Easy to operate
• Upgradable electronics and software
• Uses next-generation HiTrax Software & Hardware
• Cost-optimised

HI-SCAN 6040C is the result of Smiths Detection’s preeminence in X-ray technology: more
than 40 years of experience in delivering engineering excellence to meet the highest security
standards with proven product reliability.
HI-SCAN 6040C is equipped with a 160kV generator, known for producing high quality X-ray
images to make it easy for operators to identify potential threats quickly, while minimizing
misinterpretations. New smart image display features such as Organic Only Plus, Organic
Stripping Plus and Organic Enhancement give outstanding discrimination between organic
and inorganic materials on screen – useful for reliable and rapid detection of threat items
such as explosive devices, drugs, food or money.
Additionally, a new Optimized Background Contrast function significantly enhances the
recognisability of objects.SMITH DETECTION BAGGAGE SCANNER IN Dodoma tanzania
Smart system monitoring features such as Power-on Self-Test during start-up and specific
diagnosis tools such as Real-time Background Diagnosis and Real-time System Feedback,
during operation, provide instant information about the system’s status and ensure easy
operation. These features support the operator or technician by providing critical system
diagnostics, helping to expedite maintenance and service.
The new HiTraX 3 electronics and software provide a reliable platform for future upgrades to
meet changing security requirements.
HI-SCAN 6040C can easily be used in combination with other security technologies from
Smiths Detection, including people screening and trace detection of narcotics or explosives.
HI-SCAN 6040C is backed by Smiths Detection’s global service network of field service
locations and engineers to ensure optimum system performance 24/7/365 days a year

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