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ASTROPHYSICS BAGGAGE SCANNER IN KIGALI RWANDA www.atlasdetections.com Maintaining security is an evolving challenge. As national security and public safety risks have grown, Astrophysics Inc’s focus on innovation drives us to develop revolutionary, new x-ray color technology solutions that push x-ray imaging technology forward and keep security forces one step ahead of threats.
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ASTROPHYSICS BAGGAGE SCANNER IN KIGALI RWANDA The XIS-1080™ is a mid-size X-Ray Inspection System (XIS) designed for Cargo Inspection with a heavy conveyor belt capable of supporting heavy luggage and packages inspections. Equipped with a powerful generator and Astrophysics high-performance imaging software, the XIS-1080™ delivers superior image quality, high throughput and greater accuracy for busy checkpoints.

Following Astrophysics Inc’s introduction of 6-Color Imaging, our engineers continued spearheading new innovations in x-ray technology. Our latest advancement, 8-Color Imaging, delivers even greater accuracy for screeners by helping them quickly distinguish the material composition of potential threats. Our software analyzes luggage and cargo contents based on their atomic number and color codes the contents, including liquids, explosives, and metallic materials, to help screeners quickly identify and isolate potential threats.

Enhanced Imaging™

Enhanced Imaging™ (EI) software provides a powerful new approach to x-ray screening. Cluttered bags present a unique challenge for security operators. Objects layered on top of each other reduce the contrast difference in displays, making it difficult to distinguish threatening objects from non-threatening ones. Astrophysics Inc.’s proprietary Enhanced Imaging™ technology automatically enhances images for operators, eliminating the need to manually manipulate images and giving security personnel time to effectively review each scan.he Multi-View CT™ captures multiple x-ray views of an object and compiles them into a full 3D reconstruction, which can be rotated 360 degrees and analyzed using our powerful image processing tools. Designed for standard and non-homogenous cargo, the Multi-View CT™ allows for thorough x-ray inspections and reduces the need for time-consuming breakbulk searches


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