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Baggage Scanner Repair In Rwanda

Atlas Security Co. serves as a cornerstone in the realm of Baggage scanner maintenance  and repair solutions and spare parts replacement services  Kigali Rwanda. With a profound understanding of the intricate hardware components inherent to baggage scanners

At the heart of every baggage scanner lies the X-ray generator, responsible for emitting high-energy radiation to penetrate luggage contents. Atlas Security Co. specializes in diagnosing and repairing issues related to X-ray generation, ensuring consistent performance and optimal safety levels.

Comprising scintillation or semiconductor detectors, the detector array captures the attenuated X-rays after they pass through scanned items. Atlas Security Co. offers precise calibration and replacement services for detector components, mitigating the risk of false alarms and enhancing detection accuracy.

Advanced baggage scanners incorporate CT technology for three-dimensional imaging of luggage contents. Atlas Security Co. possesses expertise in troubleshooting and maintaining CT systems, facilitating swift and accurate identification of potential threats.

baggage scanner maintenance and repair uganda

baggage scanner maintenance in uganda

The conveyor belt transports luggage through the scanning tunnel, synchronized with the X-ray emission and detection processes. Atlas Security Co. provides repair and replacement services for conveyor belts and drive systems, ensuring smooth operation and minimal downtime.Atlas Security Co. understands the criticality of every component within these scanners and provides tailored repair solutions to address any operational discrepancies promptly.

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