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FHT2400D Series Turnstile Gate IN BUJUMBURA BURUNDI

FHT2400D: Full Height Turnstile

FHT2411D: Full Height Turnstile with RFID Access Control System

FHT2422D: Full Height Turnstile with Fingerprint and RFID Access Control System

 Turnstile gates are designed to control the flow of people entering or exiting a restricted area. They typically have rotating arms or panels that allow only one person to pass through at a time, ensuring that each individual is properly authorized.

Turnstile gate in Bujumbura Burundi may incorporate different authentication mechanisms to grant access, such as RFID cards, barcodes, biometric scanners, or ticket readers. Before passing through the turnstile, users must present their credentials for verification.

Turnstiles can be configured to allow passage in one direction only (e.g., entry-only or exit-only) or in both directions, depending on the specific requirements of the access control system.

To prevent unauthorized access by more than one person at a time, turnstile gates often include anti-tailgating features such as sensors or locking mechanisms that detect and deter individuals attempting to follow closely behind an authorized user without presenting their own credentials.

Modern turnstile gates are often integrated with access control systems, allowing for centralized management of permissions, real-time monitoring of entry/exit activity, and logging of attendance data.

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MTS1000 Series

• SUS304 stainless steel housing

• Bi-directional tripod turnstile with arm drop function

• LED pictograms for intuitive use and high throughput in both directions

• High quality at a cost effective price

• Low power consumption

• Wide range of accessories

OP1000 Series Turnstile Gate In South Sudan

OP1000 Series

OP1000 Series As a state-of-the-art optical turnstile, OP1000 maintains a high security level as a half-height turnstile. It replaces the traditional physical barriers by utilizing active infrared beams to create an invisible electronic field between two pedestals. If there are any unauthorized entry attempts, audible alarm will be triggered to alert security staff.

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