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Atlas Security is proud to introduce its cutting-edge Smart Parking System in Uganda, revolutionizing the landscape of urban mobility and security. With burgeoning urbanization and increasing vehicular traffic, efficient parking management has become a pressing need in cities across the globe. In response to this demand, Atlas Security brings forth an innovative solution that integrates advanced technology with meticulous planning to optimize parking spaces, enhance security, and streamline the parking experience for both motorists and administrators.

License Plate Recognition LPR Camera Car Parking System Software Automatic Number Plate Recognition LPR

Parking Lift
2 Years
Number Plate Recognition Rate:
Daytime ≥ 99.99; Night ≥ 99.96%
Product Name:
Automatic License Plate Recognition Car Parking System
Over 5 Years
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What is LPR?
License plate recognition technology (Abbreviated as LPR) is an application of computer video image recognition technology in vehicle number plate identification field. License plate recognition technology processes license plate through license plate extraction, image preprocessing, regional location and tilt correction, binarization, character segmentation feature extraction and database matching techniques, and finally output license plate number, color and other information. The whole process is based on the license plate recognition algorithm.

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RoHS LPR Parking System Anpr Camera Parking 0.2 Seconds 0


Why we need LPR?

With the increasing number of motor vehicle, how to make the vehicle management safer and more convenient has become a problem. ln order to solve this problem, license plate recognition appeared and quickly became a tendency in the industry. Nowadays, most of cities in China adapt license plate recognition in vehicle management. While, in foreign countries, they still use the traditional vehicle management, such as manual release, ticket box, etc.Compared with manual release and ticket box mode, the LPR vehicle management has many advantages. This mode gets rid of guards and ticket box, which improves the efficiency, reduces labor costs and solves the traffic jam problem.


The LPR Parking System integrated with license plate recognition camera LED display, voice broadcast, fill light, fixed base and other integrated structure, and has a simple and elegant appearance and multi-functional design. It is convenient for the installation of the engineering business and get rid of the large ticket box, which is widely used in parking lot management.


Size Display:150×200mm Face Display:150×200mm Total Size:1400×200×130mm
Operating temperature -25℃ ~+60℃, RH ≤90%
Related humidity ≥90%RH
Normal work life Five years
Power supply AC 220V/110V ±10% 50/60MHZ(optional)
Operating system Win XP, Win7, Win8, Win10, 32/62 bits
Power interface DC12V
Identification accuracy >99%
Voice prompt 0.2 seconds


Industry-leading LPR Algorithm

1.  Dr. team for algorithm development

2.  License plate recognition accuracy isover 99.7%

3.  License plate recognition speed is lessthan 200 ms


Parking Management Software

1.  Customizable diversity of parkingcharqing rules

2.  Can export various financialstatements


Easy Installation and Connectivity

Camera, LED display, voice broadcastfill light fixed base as integrated design


Automatic License PlateRecognition Mode

1.  No need to stop and swipe card

2.  Quick access to the parking lot

3.  More intelligent. more convenientperfect user experience


Localized Display and Voice

1.  Real-time display of license platenumber time record, remaining emptyparking spaces, parking fee and otherinformation

2.  Localized voice broadcast


Applicable to Outdoor

1.  Camera:IP65

2.  Integrated machine: IP54


What is our advantage ?

1. Independent R&D LPR Algorithm and offering permanently upgraded LPR algorithm service for free.

2.Practical application experience of many projects case at home and abroad.



What can it solve?

1. Solved the problem of congestion in and out of the parking lot. There is no need to stop your car.

2. Solved the problem of low efficiency of swing & take card. There is no need to swing and take parking card.

3. Solved the problem of poor experience and inconveniences in rainy days. There is no need to open your car windows for swing parking card.

4. Automatically control the parking barrier open or not at the same time when the car entering the recognition area.

5. Automatically save the record of vehicle entry and exit, including car number, access time, and captured picture.

6. Automatically calculate parking fees based on the time of vehicle entry and exit.

7. Automatically generate various reports, including vehicle information, charge data.



RoHS LPR Parking System Anpr Camera Parking 0.2 Seconds 1

RoHS LPR Parking System Anpr Camera Parking 0.2 Seconds 2

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