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Hydraulic rising bollards represent a paradigm shift in access control mechanisms. These retractable posts are engineered to seamlessly integrate into urban landscapes, corporate campuses, government facilities, and high-security zones. Atlas Security brings hydraulic bollards in Kenya  designed to ensure swift deployment and retraction while withstanding substantial vehicular impact.

The system is designed to bring convenience and enhancements to higher level security. It is ideal choice for universities, pedestrian sidewalks, parking lots, government buildings, gyms, amusement parks, airports, shopping centers, hospitals, and occasions with high traffic flow.

Equipped with safety features such as warning lights, audible alarms, and emergency override systems, these bollards prioritize both security and pedestrian safety. Designed to interface with existing security systems and facilitate seamless integration with access control systems, surveillance cameras, and automated barriers, enhancing overall security efficacy.

The structure of hydraulic bollards is firm and durable, the bearing load is large, the action is stable and the noise is low. PLC control is adopted, and the operation performance of the system is stable and reliable, which is convenient for integration. The hydraulic bollards can be linked with other equipment such as the parking barrier gate or can be combined with other control equipment to realize automatic control.

In case of power failure or failure, if the lifting column is in the raised state and needs to be lowered, it can be lowered by hand. The moving operation will lower the raised column to the horizontal position with the ground to allow vehicles to pass. The international leading low-pressure hydraulic drive technology is adopted, and the whole system has high safety, reliability, and stability.
Remote control device: through wireless remote control, it can be within 30 meters around the controller (depending on the on-site radio communication environment), the lifting of movable remote control barricade column.

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Control Mode:
Remote Control(<50m)
System Control:
Hydraulic And Electric Control
Lamp Belt:
LED Lamp(Acrylic Light Circle)
Power Supply:
IP67 Retractable Parking Hydraulic Rising Bollards

Product Details

Place of Origin: CHINA

Certification: CE

Model Number: ZT-13C


1. The structure is sturdy and durable, with large load carrying capacity, stable operation and low noise.

2. Adopt PLC control, the system running performance is stable and reliable, and easy to integrate.
3. In the case of power failure or when there is a fault, the vehicle can be manually operated.
4. Adopting international leading low pressure hydraulic drive technology, the whole system is safe, reliable and stable.
5, remote control device: lift by wireless remote control.
6, swipe control: add a card reader, swipe the card automatically control the lift.
7. Linkage between the gate and the lifting column: plus control to realize the linkage of the gate, and the access control and the lifting column.
8. It is controlled by the computer in conjunction with the computer buried system or the charging system.
9. LED flashing function, flashing warning during the movement of the column, and warning at night.
10. Sound alarm intermittent alarm sound.

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