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The never ending need to ensure safety in public places has created the need for ATLAS Security to provide globally certified security convex mirrors in Uganda

Convex mirrors provide a wide field of view, enabling security personnel to monitor large areas from a single vantage point. This helps in detecting suspicious activities, unauthorized access, or potential security breaches.

Convex mirrors help improve safety by reducing accidents in areas with restricted visibility, such as blind corners, intersections, and narrow aisles. They allow pedestrians and vehicles to see around obstacles, preventing collisions and injuries. Compared to electronic surveillance systems, convex mirrors are a cost-effective security solution. They require minimal maintenance and installation costs while providing continuous surveillance coverage.

Convex mirrors have a curved surface that bulges outward, reflecting light in multiple directions. This curvature enables them to provide a wider field of view compared to flat mirrors.

          Convex mirrors are strategically positioned to eliminate blind spots and provide a panoramic view of the monitored area. They are often installed at intersections, corners, hallways, and other areas where direct line-of-sight visibility is limited hence keeping the client aware of there surrounding.           ATLAS Security offers brands like  ZOAN, Riddor and many more visit our website www.atlasdetections.com for more info

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