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ZK-D3180S Metal Detector In Uganda

Metal Detectors in Uganda vary in specifications but as the number of cases has been increasing and the geographical spread has been widening, the novel coronavirus outbreak has raised grave concerns about public health and personal hygiene. The disease can occasionally cause symptoms like high fever, and ZK-D3180S is a walk-through metal detector that can assist in body temperature measurement at the forehead and wrist of passengers. If the temperature detected is over 37.3°C, ZK-D3180S will raise an alarm to inform the guards.

This Walk Through metal Detector is available in Uganda at Atlas security , Kampala

 The detector contains one or more transmitting coils that generate a magnetic field. These coils are typically positioned at the top, bottom, and sides of the detector.

There are one or more receiving coils, usually positioned opposite the transmitting coils. These coils detect changes in the magnetic field caused by metallic objects passing through.

When a metallic object passes through the magnetic field generated by the transmitting coils, it induces eddy currents within the metal. These currents create their own magnetic field, which interacts with the detector’s magnetic field.

The presence of a metallic object disrupts the uniformity of the magnetic field inside the detector. This disturbance is detected by the receiving coils.

The sensitivity of the detector can often be adjusted to filter out smaller or less significant metal objects. This prevents false alarms triggered by harmless items like coins or jewelry.

Periodically, the detector needs calibration and testing to ensure accurate detection while minimizing false alarms but we offer after sales maintenance services


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