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ATLAS Security provides internationally certified  bollards in Uganda ranging from the fixed, removable and retractable models to suit all needs

Security bollards are short, sturdy, vertical posts designed to provide security and control access to specific areas. They are commonly made of materials such as concrete, steel, or other durable metals. Security bollards serve various purposes, including:

They can be installed around buildings, pedestrian areas, or sensitive infrastructure to prevent unauthorized vehicle access or to protect against ramming attacks.

Security bollards come in various shapes and sizes, including fixed, removable, or retractable options, allowing for flexibility in their usage based on security needs and operational requirements. They are often strategically placed and reinforced to withstand impact from vehicles, providing a reliable security solution in diverse setting

Examples of bollards in Uganda  include;

BOL1219-A is a high-quality automatic bollard which is used widely to protect
security areas from vehicle intrusion. It is an ideal solution for entrance with
high security requirements. Raising time of BOL1219-A is 3 seconds. Even if the
intrusion is from high tonnage vehicle in high speed, the bollard will stop the
vehicle easily because it is so solid that the vehicle will break after impact


Diameter 219mm
Weight ≥130KG
Raising height 600mm / 800mm
Underground product dimensions 430mm*430mm*1130mm / 430mm*430mm*1330mm
Raising / lowering time 3s
Weight load 120t
Material SUS304
Material thickness 6/8/10/12/15/30mm
Ingress Protection IP68
Working voltage AC110/220V
Working power 350W
Working temperature -35°C -75°C
V1.1 2019.01.09
• Raise/lower smoothly and quietly with hydraulic drive unit
• Equipped with LED
• Solid structure ensures high weight load
• Extra terminal to support varieties of control methods
• In case of power failure, the bollard can be lowered manually

Bollards can be integrated with different security appliances such as face recognition terminal, alarm system or CCTV cameras to suit a client’s need

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